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Modro Jezero pages offer rich multimedia information about nature, history, and culture of Imotski and its county.

Modro jezero or Blue lake is one of the main focuses.  Its proximity to Imotski and easy access to the constantly changing water level made this karst chasm a place that has been  captured  forever in people hearths, evoking many nice memories. 

The abundance of the images on would hopefully bring back many youth adventure memories or motivate people to visit Imotski and experience the unparalleled beauty first hand.

The location of Imotski and nearby villages could be best explored from maps.  The town map is the first Imotski map on the Internet. Older maps are here.

 It would be a great injustice if the Imotski nature is reduced only to Modro jezero.  Many other lakes, starting with Red lake, Biokovo mountain, Vrljika river, and Imotski valley make Imotski quite nature special place.

Even though Imotski has a spectacular nature it is just one of the many beautiful middle and south Dalmatian places, including Mediteranian jewel Dubrovnik, a walled medieval town, as it could be seen from our tourist pages and a collection of additional images.

Imotski town with its many old stone buildings and houses in the old Jezero, Djirada, Pazar, and Bazana quarters resembles a typical Dalmatian town.   Placed on Podi plato with a population of 4000 inhabitants, it is a unique place that attracts visitors and especially emigrated population that surpasses the current census numbers many times.

The history of Imotski county has been very turbulent and often volatile.  While the direct written records are fairly scarce, quite a large number of monuments and artifacts have been unearthed dating back to neolithic age.
Imotski as a town probably was founded during the reign of Croatian king Trpimir during 845-864 A.C, when Imota Zupania was first mentioned.  Imotski fortress was the center of the Zupania.   

To explore Imotski more there are aerial photographs in the specials section of the slideshows and panoramic or large panoramic images if you like.  In order to heal or start your nostalgia you could have a virtual walk to Modro Jezero, take a literary night out in the town, make a hike around Red lake, or simply go far back into history or just a hundred years back.