Biokovo Mountain

Biokovo is a 1762 meters high mountain. There is a TV tower on its Saint George ( Sveti Jure ) summit.
The tower was built on the place were Saint George church stood that was built in 12th century.
The church was moved and rebuilt hundred meters eastward. Radio TV Zagreb provided compensation for the destroyed
church and the taken land. The church was blessed by Župa vicar, September 31, 1968.
It was built from concrete, but it got a stone facade in 1990.

There is a narrow asphalt road to the summit, offering unforgettable vistas. On a clear day it is possible to see Italian peninsula contours.
Right in front of Biokovo are islands Brač and Hvar and peninsula Pelješac. On the northern side there is Zagvozd village and Imotski in the distance.

Biokovo Mountain complements the other Imotski natural beauties such as Modro Jezero, river Vrljika, Red Lake, and Lokvičići lakes.  See the full beauty of the Biokovo mountain from the following panoramic image.
If planing to hike Biokovo visit the Imotski Mountaneering Society "Imotski" pages (in Croatian).

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