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Imotski is well connected with nearby towns or cities. It is located in Dalmatian inland, 90 km from Split, roughly half way from Split to Mostar.  It is best to visit it with a car, but a bus will do the job.  Buses from Split are very frequent. There are also daily buses from Dubrovnik, Mostar, Sarajevo, Zagreb, and even from Frankfurt and Dortmund.
The schedule could be found on It is best to call the bus station directly at (21) 841 - 268, telex/fax (21) 841 - 426.

Tourist agencies organize many tourist bus excursions from Split and Makarska Riviera hotels, as well as Dubrovnik hotels. Medjugorje, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1981 is located only 40 km away from Imotski in nearby Herzegovina.

Imotski is a very safe place to visit. There should be no problems finding someone who can speak English. The town has a limited room accommodation in hotel "Imota" that is located at the very center of Imotski, tel. (21) 841-700. There is a three star hotel in nearby village Glavina Donja.  Chose the map of Imotski and look for Zdilar and Jezerine on the road toward west. Information about Hotel Zdilar could be also found on the web

The town has numerous coffee bars, especially in Šetalište Stjepana Radića street that abounds with numerous outside tables. There are two vineyards in Imotski county, "Vinarija Grabovac" and "Vinarija Matković. A representative list of restaurants is located on pages. The food is typically meat oriented with only a few vegetarian dishes on the menus.  Make sure to try local specialties like frogs, roasted lamb on a spit, and trout.

What to do

Besides the spectacular nature, there are few historic places noteworthy of visiting such as the thousand years old fortress Topana, Saint Francis church, and its adjoining Franciscan monastery. The monastery has a very rich collection of historic art crafts.   Jezero, Pazar, and Bazana old quarters are full of stone houses that date from the 18th century or even earlier.  Imotski county is full of old Illyrian, Roman, and medieval archeological sites.

The town has a very rich cultural tradition, reaching the peak during the Carnival days. The summer brings "Imotska Sila" with many plays and concerts in the open. Very active and successful town brass band that has more than hundred years old tradition is active year long.

There are many opportunities for a half day or full day trips: Red Lake, Biokovo mountain, Vrljika river.  Lokvičići lakes,  Badnjevice canyon, etc.  Biking, especially mountain biking is well advised.  Unfortunately, the place is still too small and the tourism service not so developed; which is what is also very appealing, to offer bike renting.

Imo-adventure race
One of the recent attractive events is the international Imo-adventure or seven lakes adventure race, where contestants compete in running, swimming, kayaking, bicycling, trekking, and steel rope descending.   It is in its third year and only the most enduring should apply.   Here is a short video of the race from 2003.