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Imotski has a very rich tradition in its Carnivals, Bacchus (Bako nights) performances, and a month long events, dating hundred years ago.  For a town of its size of four thousands inhabitants, the recent years have produced very high turnouts with some good masks: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, old masks, old Djamonja plates, and Gordana Radić-Rako Imotski mask exhibition.   Organized group performances rival the similar performances found in the well known places as Venice, Nice, etc.

You will find Windows Media Series 9 videos, and MP3 audio media files in this section. Adequate free software is necessary to play them. Microsoft Media Player Series 9 should work for both. Bear in mind that these are very low resolution videos. The files are downloaded to the client machine for local playing.

"Ja sam Bako onaj stari" song MP3 audio, 890kB, 2:10 min 44.1 kHz MP3
"Ja sam Bako onaj stari" video WMV video, 1.19MB, 2:54 min 58 kB WMV
"Bolshoi Theatre Ballet," Bako Nights, 2000 WMV video, 4MB, 9:43 min 58 kB WMV
"Romeo and Julia," Bako Nights, 2001 WMV video, 4.2MB, 18:16 min 32 kB WMV

You will find Real Player 9 video files in this section. You will need to get Real Player 9 or 10 in order to play them.

"Ja sam Bako onaj stari" video
RM video, 0.7MB, 2:54 min   34kB RM
"Bolshoi Theatre Ballet," Bako Nights, 2000 RM video, 2.5MB, 9:43 min   34kB RM
"Romeo and Julia," Bako Nights, 2001 RM video, 4.7MB, 18:16 min   34kB RM

If you are interested to get a full length videos containing the above clips from years 2000 and 2001, and other years visit "Raos Foto Video" store in Imotski or phone them at 385 ( Croatia Country code ) 21 842-860.

Raos Photo Video Store