About Modro Jezero

Modro Jezero, Blue Lake, is a big chasm near Imotski. On the southeastern side is surrounded with Jezero quarter of Imotski. On the eastern side is Bazana and on the northeast is Bage settlement. The depth of the lake from the upper rim is 220 meters. Water level could reach more than 90 meters in the early spring when the snow from the Bosnian mountains melts. The water level reached 107 meters and the lake was overflowing at the south rim in 1914.

It is a popular place for tourists and Imotski residents who like to take walks to the main vista and back to the town, often several times per day. There are several man made vistas in the lake offering beautiful views. Spending a few hours exploring it is highly recommended. Lovers tend to spend longer then that amount of time. It is the one of the most frequent reasons for parents scolding their kids who cannot stop exploring it.

There are stone built trails that go almost to the bottom of the lake. They are very busy during the summer when the young and not so young people go swimming there. The trails were build in year 1907, during the reign of Frantz Joseph. They were renovated many times. The last time they were fortified with concrete. They are in very good shape now, ready to take an onslaught of towners and out of town visitors, mainly the Imotski natives who left Imotski pursuing their carriers. Near the bottom of the lake there are three plazas that are quite popular with the visitors. You could hear a popular refrain "Dela, dela skolane moj" around one of the large flat stones where the kids play games.

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Modro Jezero Trails
Modro Jezero Trails

There are many caves in the lake. Several are very difficult to reach. Boškova cave was used as a shelter during the WW II. The more known ones are:

     Boškova      Top      Golubova      Vilinska

In the lake itself, depending on the season you could see several well known boulders:

     Katavić Jakićin Pavić
Swimming in Modro Jezero

The appearance of the Katavić boulder, six meters high, usually means the beginning of the swimming season. In the recent years, the appearance of the Jakićin boulder is the beginning of the swimming season. The name originates from a poor soul who drowned there in 1834. Jakićin boulder appears towards the middle of the swimming season, while Pavić rock signals the end of the season. The nearby cliffs serve as a diving platform where the courageous try to earn recognition of the spectators. 20 meter dives on the head are not uncommon, while a legs ahead jump are be made from more than 40 meters.

The lake has dried in the early Fall in recent years. A traditional soccer game between Vilenjaci and Vukodlaci, Fairies and Wolfskins, is then played at the very bottom.

Soccer match in Modro Jezero