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Jezero quarter is, after Bazana the second oldest Imotski quarter.  Its development started in the 18th century.
Jezero quarter covers the broader area between Ante Starčević and Vladimir Nazor streets, Modro jezero on the west and Volat and Saint Francis church on the east.  Ante Starčević street or "Pjaca" as it is better known among older people was the first well formed street in Imotski tracing its origins to the first part of the 18th century during the Venetian rule, when it was called "Piazza dei signori". It used to be the most important street where the most of the shops where.   After the WW II the street starting losing the prestige to Stjepan Radić street.

Jezero quarter in 1835

The traffic was forbidden in Ante Starčević street in mid 1990-ies after the street was covered with white stone from Brač. Today, it is a promenade connecting Pazar, the center of town to Modro Jezero main vista.   The street has many well preserved old houses, like Jerković and Vrdoljak's, including the now closed town coffee house (Gradska Kavana).

Old BetonGradska Kavana establishment was a center of unofficial town life.  It had memorable owners in the 20th century, starting with Manda, continuing with Boško, and finishing with Kris. The same building housed the town reading room on the second floor. On the opposite side of Gradska Kavana it used to be a concrete surface were there was a small open market during the day.  It also served as a small soccer field.  So called "White House" was built in its place in the 1970-ies that had offices of "Imotska Krajina" newspaper, few cultural organizations, and communist party ranking governor's offices. The ground floor has a space for cultural happenings that is used to make performances, exhibitions, and dances. After the WW II it used to serve as a town cinema.  It is again used for cultural happening like exhibitions, plays, and planning.

Closer to the lake is the administrative part of the town.   At the beginning of the 20th century, during the rein of Frantz Joseph the County and Court Houses were built, in 1900 and 1915 respectively. The Court House is the largest and most beautiful building of its kind in the wider central Dalmatia region, barring Split.  Next to it there was a Shell gas station when the first automobiles appeared.

The old court was in Marče house, located near the St. Francis church belonged to Marče brothers, who were successful merchants.  On both sides  on the Vladimir Nazor street the house is bordered by Kolombani houses.  The Colombani's was one of the oldest Imotski families since the times the  census was performed.  They came from Italy after the Venetians with the help of  local population have freed Imotski from Turkish occupation.  Church and Marče and Kolombani houses were at the border line and were sometimes considered part of Djirada.

A region near Modro Jezero is a strict Jezero quarter.  This part of Imotski was well known for its hospital station, bakery, town bath house, and butchery.  That part of the town has also seen rememberable inkeepers like Pera Marendić and Kasum. 

The families that inhabited Ante Starčević street after WW I, according to Prof Mostarčić were in order from Volat on the north side: Vrčić, Bauk (2), Pušić, Jerković, Duzbaba, Bitanga, Šoić (2), Ferari, Rako, Dubravac, Vrdoljak (2), Bilić, Ivanović and Valdevit.  On the south side from Volat: Benzon, Jelavić, Tripalo, Ligutić, Ciciliani, Bilopavlović, Skataretiko, Marendić, Nikolić, Ivanović, and Anić.

The families that inhabited the Modro jezero at the same time according to the same source were Ivanović (4), Malić, Markota, Mirosević, Protopopov, Nikolić (5), Vodanović, Vujević, Rako (2), Težulat (2), and Mostarčić.  The numbers in the parenthesis denote the number of families.

Interactive map of Jezero quarter